Wilkinson County Magistrate Court


From time to time and for a variety of reasons, a landlord may need to reclaim house that he/she has rented or leased to another or others in which to live. This may be accomplished through a Dispossessory action, which has very specific rules and requirements.

Small Claims

The Magistrate Court of Pike County is also referred to as small claims court. You may file a claim for which you are seeking $15,000.00 or less.  If your claim exceeds $15,000.00 principal, the Magistrate Court does not have jurisdiction (the legal authority) to hear your case, and it must be filed in the Superior Court.  


A garnishment is a legal action that is filed against the garnishee, usually the employer or financial institution, to collect a judgment against a debtor. The garnishee is a person or business entity that owes funds to the judgment debtor or is holding funds on behalf of the judgment debtor

First Appearance / Bond Hearings

First Appearance Hearings are to be scheduled by the arresting officer so that a Warrant Hearing, an Initial Appearance Hearing and a Bond Hearing take place within 48 hours of an arrest, as is generally required by law.

Magistrate Court

Welcome to Wilkinson County Georgia Magistrate Court, … also known as “The People’s Court.”

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Lisa V. Dykes

Lisa V. Dykes

Probate Judge/Chief Magistrate

Sarah Amanda Holder

Magistrate Judge

Walter C. Holloway

Magistrate Judge

Bradasia Mims

Deputy Probate/Magistrate Clerk